From macOS Ventura beta 4 via the guide for telephone modems (but still online)

The fourth public beta of macOS Ventura whose rollout Apple started yesterday did not introduce significant news, but there is a curious one, which marks the step of the times that advance. Was in fact, the guide integrated into the system for connecting the Mac to the internet through a telephone modem has been eliminated. Younger people will probably ask themselves thingswhat is meant by telephone modem, who has a few more springs and has experienced the parable of the internet, perhaps with a little memory effort, will focus the device.

A time, which seems very distant for the times of technology, but we are talking about twenty years ago, to access the web you had to connect your PC or Mac to the telephone line through an external modem or the integrated one (if there was one). Now there is Wi-Fi or at most the LAN connection to a router, for those who need a connection that is as stable and responsive as possible. We sailed at a crawl by current standards, but every time you were stunned for the steps from watusso made by information technology.

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Here, Apple decided that it was time to cut ties with the past, and imagining that in 2022 no one would need help on such an outdated web connection system, it removed the integrated guide from macOS Ventura beta 4. system to the configuration of a modem via telephone. Whether it is Apple’s choice to be shared or not, there is no longer there on beta 4 guide for Connect your Mac to the internet using a telephone modemwhich instead is still online on MacOS User Guide.

Needless to say, Macs have not integrated an older generation modem for years, but there is always the possibility of buying an external one to be connected via USB if necessary, for whatever reason. Well, from now on for the configuration you will have to make do or use a browser to access the guide which, as mentioned, is still online on in Italian (link in STREET). Even though the latest version of the OS it refers to is macOS Monterey, Ventura is not on the list.

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