From the comments, on AI safety

This is from Richard Ngo, who works on the governance team at OpenAI:

A few points:
1. I agree that the alignment community has generally been remiss in not trying hard enough to clarify the arguments in more formal papers.
2. The only peer-reviewed paper making the case for AI risk that I know of is: Though note that my paper (the second you linked) is currently under review at a top ML conference.
3. I don’t think that a formal model would shed much light here. My goal in writing my paper was to establish misaligned power-seeking AGI as a credible scientific hypothesis; I think that most who think it’s credible would then agree that investigating it further should be a key priority, whether or not their credences are more like 10% or more like 90%.

From this batch of comments.  Here is Richard on Twitter.

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