G.Skill is the first with AMD EXPO compatible DDR5-6000 memory

G.Skillas the site reports wccftechanticipates the times and announces new DDR5-6000 memories specifically designed for the next generation of AMD Ryzen 7000 processors: it’s about the solutions Trident Z5which integrate support for the exclusive EXPO technology of AMD CPUs based on Zen 4 architecture expected to debut during the month of September.

These memories are indicated with the initials F5-6000J3038F16G and operate with timings equal to CL30-38-38-96 when switched to DDR5-6000 mode which is the highest for which they are officially certified. With these specifications the memories operate with a power supply voltage between 1.35V and 1.45V.

These memories are among the first to support AMD EXPO technologyacronym for Extende Profiles for Ryzen Overclocking. This is a mode, selectable from the bios of the motherboard, which allows you to configure the basic operating timings of the memory to obtain the maximum possible performance, combining this also with special interventions on the so-called subtimings or secondary timings.

AMD EXPO actually replicates what Intel offers with XMP 3.0 solutions, Extreme Memory Profile, however, being specifically optimized for use with Ryzen processors. This allows you to intervene not only on the main timings but, as mentioned, also on select precisely how subtimings work going beyond what is accessible with Intel platforms and XMP technology.

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According to the rumors that have emerged online to date, DDR5-6000 memory should be the preferred solution to extract as much performance as possible from the new Socket AM5 platform and give AMD Ryzen 7000 processors. We will know more over the next few weeks as the commercial debut of these processors approaches.


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