Galaxy S23 Ultra takes a (small) step towards repairability

Galaxy S23 Ultra takes a (small) step towards repairability

Alessandro Nodari

The magic word of the latter top of the range launched on the market it seems repairability, and this is true, with some asterisks, also for the latest arrival from Samsung, Galaxy S23 Ultra (here’s our review, in case you missed it).

The smartphones, which fully convinced us in ours trial, it has in fact passed through the hands of the boys of iFixit, which have unveiled a hardware substantially unchanged as compared to S22 Ultrabut with some surprises. Let’s go and discover them!

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A lot of adhesive, but Samsung has decided that the batteries can be replaced!

As usual, before disassembling the device iFixt passes it under X-rays (image below), revealing an impressive Heatsink, which contributes to a better temperature management compared to the predecessor (together with the abandonment of the Exynos SoCs).

Galaxy S23 Ultra X-rayed. Source: iFixit

Off with the disassembly. It starts from back, as for the new ones iPhones, but in this case Samsung has not made any differences between the various devices of the S23 rangeand what was said for S23 Ultra also applies to the others (remember that Apple has changed the internal structure only of the iPhone 14 smooth and not gods pros).

There is a lot glue, but iFixit has a new tool called Clampy who manages to get the better of the device and the disassembly continues without a hitch.

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After unscrewing all the screws and extracted the NFC coil we arrive at the novelty of the new Samsung top: the tab For take out the battery.

Source: iFixit

Now iFixit plays with the fact that this solution had already been adopted twelve years ago on iPhones 4, but there’s a problem. There is so much glue that to extract the drums one must be applied Force superhuman, and the guys from iFixit have to put in three to get the better of the stubborn component!

Regardless, Samsung’s stride towards the repairability, it’s this one solution however, it makes it easier battery replacement compared to other Galaxy S series devices, at least up to S6. It is also worth mentioning that the same solution has been adopted for the others as well Galaxy S23.

Source: iFixit

The disassembly continues undaunted, but there are no other important differences from S22 Ultra. The periscope block remained largely unchanged, with a electromagnetic mechanism which manages the movement of the lens (image below).

A step forward for repairability, but there are still problems

At the end of teardowns, iFixit gives a score of 4 out of 10 to the new top of Samsung. Of course, significant progress has been made towards the repairabilitysuch as the battery pull lever, and Samsung does not apply software restrictions to third-party components (as it does, cough, cough, Apple).

Source: iFixit

Nonetheless, the house in Seoul contrast harshly the suppliers of OLED panels third-party, which obviously makes more difficult find spare parts at an affordable price.

Also, the amount of glue applied and the lack of manuals for repair limit the score but, should they be overcome these shortcomings, those at iFitxit are sure that S23 Ultraor Samsung’s next top, could land an incredible (relative to the past) score of 6/10, just like iPhones 4!

We leave you with the full video, as usual very well done and instructive.

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