Galaxy Z Fold 5 will feature a new teardrop hinge to reduce creases

There are still several months left for the presentation of Galaxy Z Fold 5, but details continue to emerge regarding the characteristics of the next foldable from Samsung. After seeing the first rumors that seem to confirm that the S Pen will be external again this year and that the memory cuts will follow those of the S23, today we are back to talking about the Z Fold 5 hingeone of the elements that should contain some of the most significant innovations of this new generation.

To give us this indiscretion is the always well-informed Ice Universe, who intervened with a post on Weibo where he reveals that Galaxy Z Fold 5 will adopt a structured hinge dripso go to delete any space between the two halves of the display when it is closed, a bit like also shown on the prototype spotted in mid-January. In addition to this, this will also reduce the effect of the crease on the display, so as to make it less evident to the eye and to the touch.

Ice Universe also talks about the overall thickness of the smartphone when closed, which it should reach just over 13mmagainst the 15.8 mm of the thickest point of Galaxy Z Fold 4 (here our review), a fact that will help make the smartphone more comfortable and less bulky when I’m closed.

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In short, Samsung could really introduce some important innovations on the next generation Fold, without however overturning the formula that has made its product one of the most successful in this category.

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