Goodbye to the Duo icon, this time forever?

Over the years we have come to know how much Google may surprise us with its unique decisions in terms of apps and services for smartphone and mobile devices. We had a testimony of this with the story that characterized Google Duo.

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In fact, in recent weeks Google Duo has become the protagonist of a curious story. First, its icon was removed and converted to one that linked to Meet, Google’s popular teleconferencing service, and then it returned. Now it seems time to say goodbye forever.

In the last few hours, in fact, Google has released a new update for the Duo app, corresponding to the version 177.0.482666072actually going to permanently remove the classic app icon we were used to. In its place we find the icon of Meet. For the Meet app we have an icon that tends to green. Exactly what happened in late August with the first removal of the Duo icon.

This time we can expect that the farewell will be final. Google is unlikely to retrace its steps again. This step should also mark Duo’s official entry into Google’s graveyard. All Duo features will then come absorbed by Meet.

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Parallel to this, also the web app by Google Duo available on the platform desktop converts to Meet. As we see from the screenshot in the gallery belowthe Meet icon has completely replaced that of Duo on the online web app.

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