Google has big energy-saving things in mind for Wear OS

In recent years we have seen Google engage more and more in the wearables sector, with the launch of the new Wear OS and its first smart watches Pixel Watch.

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In the last few hours, further details have arrived from Google precisely regarding Wear OS, with the acquisition by BigG of the team of Koru Lab. To understand what is meant by this acquisition it is useful to go and see what exactly KoruLab does.

KoruLab is a Finnish team that over time has specialized in development and launch of operating systems suitable for devices with very low hardware resources. For example, KoruLab developed a GUI library by themselves 128kBwhich supports kernel Linux and graphics a 60fps. You can find them in the gallery below some practical examples of KoruLab implementations.

KoruLab’s software products were brought to devices very basicsuch as those for theInternet of Thingswhich require space and hardware resources extremely reduced.

Then it is easy to understand that the contribution of the KoruLab team in Wear OS will above all benefit the development of new options aim atenergy efficiency. In fact, the software developed by KoruLab provides for extremely low consumption, without penalizing the graphic aspect.

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At the moment it is hard to predict when there will be first realizations of this new collaboration, we will return to update you as soon as we know more.

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