Google Lens comes to the web version of Google for smartphones

Google Lens is one of the service of BigG most interesting: Lens indeed allows you to “search for an image on the web”allows you to recognize objects or animals in a photo (thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms) and also of recognize texts or QR codes. We have talked about it in detail about Google Lens this article.

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Lens has been available for smartphones and the web for several years now, and Google’s goal is to make it more and more important for users: in November, the company announced that the Lens icon would have been in the search bar on the desktop web version of the Google site, but now this novelty is also preparing to arrive on mobile.

In fact, Google has recently updated the smartphone version of its home page and the search bar shows new buttons: on Android, it is now present both the button to invoke voice search and the one to invoke Lens (both in a new color that incorporates the Google logo), while on iOS it is now present only the button for Google Lens.

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In both cases, pressing the button will open the app related to Google Lens (on iOS, the Google app must be installed) and it will therefore be possible to perform all the classic operations available on Lens. The button to open Lens it is available not only on the home page, but also on the page showing the results of a search.

We remind you that in the desktop web version of Google there is still the button to quickly call up Google Lens, but the operation is slightly different: by clicking on it, a small window will open in which to drag the image you want to “import” into google lens. We talked about it more specifically in this article.

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