Google Maps wants to offer customized routes for electric vehicles

Google Maps is the Google service for maps and road navigation that is now world-class, and which has recently developed particularly in the context of public transport and sustainability. When we talk about news for Maps we clearly mean those available in its versions for smartphonebut also on Android Auto.

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In the last few hours they have emerged further news about what Google is preparing itself on the topic of environmental sustainability for Maps. After introducing alternative options to report the most fuel-efficient routes for car journeys, as well as the shortest and most convenient routes, Maps now prepares the customized routes for electric vehicles.

The concept behind the novelty that Maps is preparing is that i optimal routes for vehicles electrical I am different from those optimal for vehicles a heat engineobviously with the same starting point and destination.

Then in Maps there should come an option with which it will be possible to indicate what type of vehicle it is intended to be used to travel the searched route. This way Maps will be able to suggest the most efficient route based on the type of vehicle.

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This novelty should allow you to save further fuel or range of your vehicle, more than you would with the options currently present in Maps.

The novelty was unearthed by 9to5Google during the teardown of the latest beta of Maps (the 11.39) released to the public. That’s not to say you can find it in the beta, yet not available publicly.

Google did not indicate the finalization times of the feature, also because it hasn’t officially talked about it yet. We will come back to update you as soon as news about its implementation to the public emerge.

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