Google sends a discount code for its store to Maps Local Guides

Over the years, Google has accustomed us to proposing a large number of services and initiatives. Among these we find Google Local Guidesthe program of Google Maps that makes anyone a local guide.

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Google local guides are all registered users to the Maps program, with which it is possible collect points And go up by level based on the contributions you make on Maps. These contributions consist of reviews of places and businesses, uploading photos relating to places in Maps, evaluating places and answering other users’ questions about the activities on Maps.

Over time we have seen Google grant several nice surprises to users participating in Local Guides, especially for those who have reached one of the highest levels. A few years ago we saw give Google Home Mini as a giftand more recently a period of free subscription to Google One.

In the last few hours, another gift has arrived: it is a discount coupon equal to 15% for purchases made on the Google Storethe official online store where Google sells its products.

As we can read from the information summarized in the screenshot in the gallerythe discount coupon includes limitations of use. Specifically, the 15% discount coupon for the Google Store it cannot be used for the purchase of smartphones Pixel. However, you can use it to purchase Pixel Buds by Google, or one of the many products in the series Nest for home automation.

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The discount coupon can be used within the next January 31, 2023. As you can see from the screenshots, the gift is distributed by Google via email. The user who reported it to us is a local guide of level 7. We are at level 8 and have not received anything yet.

Therefore it is not clear according to what criteria Google is distributing the gift in question, it could also be reserved for those who have never received gifts in the context of the Local Guides. Let us know if it has arrived in your area.

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