Google TV updates its interface

Google TV updates its interface

Vincent Ronca

Google has accelerated quite a lot lately in the area of ​​its software products. We have seen several news coming up smartphones with new versions of Android, but also on smart TVs with the new one Google TV.

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Google TV essentially consists of a update graph and some features compared to Android TV. There are now many products, even non-Google ones, that offer the new software interface for smart TVs.

In the last few hours Google has announced some interesting news which concern Google TV, and in particular some new aspects of its user interface. The animation you find below shows you what we’re talking about.

The update that Google just introduced for the Google TV user interface consists of new items that arrive in the section called For you of the same Google TV. Let’s talk about named elements Movie, Shows, Family and Español. It is quite simple to understand that the first three represent quick links to the sections in which the contents offered by Google TV are collected categorized by type.

The Family category will obviously offer suggested contents to be enjoyed as well from the little ones. We remind you that all the content collected by Google TV is proposed on the basis of streaming services media used and bookmarked on Google TV to get automatic suggestions.

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The fourth element concerns all the contents also available in Spanish. In fact, this novelty is currently reserved for Google TV users residing in the United Statesamong whom are millions of people of Latino origin.

We do not know if Google plans to introduce the same innovations, at least for the first three elements, also in Europe. You will surely be the first to know once we receive more details.

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