Great update for Vivaldi: YouTube in the background and much more

The world of Android smartphones is also known for the good range of alternatives it has in terms of apps. In this context we find many alternatives also for i web browsersin this guide we have seen all the best browsers for Android.

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Among the best known and most widespread we find Vivaldi, a third-party browser that has made a good name for itself in recent years thanks to the constant software support it has received. Just Vivaldi in the last few hours has received a significant update. Let’s take a look at what’s new:

  • Here comes the chance to play in the background multimedia content from any site, even YouTube. Once you start browser playback from a specific site, you can minimize the tab and continue listening to what’s playing. The new option is present in the Vivaldi settings, within the Site settings -> Web pages section.
  • Here comes the functionality for disable there auto play videos when you open a website.
  • New feature that allows you to scale back the individual web pages of Vivaldi. A similar feature has long been available for major web browsers on PCs.
  • Ability to hide the memorandum related to synchronization between different browser versions.
  • General improvements.

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The update we just described is currently being distributed automatically for all android devices.

Below you will find several screenshots of the main new features and the button to proceed downloads from Play Store.

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