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Only in New York! Start spreading the news, we’re all gonna die.

So yesterday, a grand jury indicted Daniel Penny in Jordan Neely’s accidental death. You know the story, Penny’s the Marine who stepped in when Neely — a deranged, homeless felon — was threatening passengers on the subway. So thanks to Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg, who chose to charge Penny, this heroic Marine may go to jail for doing what he thought was right. That sucks. 


So what’s this mean for all of us? Should this affect the way you defend yourself in a tense situation, especially in New York or other liberal cities, or when you’re around Kat? If cities cannot guarantee your safety, then it’s placed on your imperfect shoulders. That’s a funny word to screw up. 

Perhaps it’s time to sue these politicians who put us in this situation, forcing people like Penny to defend others against mad men set free by these very same politicians. 

For now, we realize there’s a price to pay for being a hero, but absolutely none for being a villain. And that’s because the Left has politicized safety, which means whomever you consider a risk to you and others is now a protected class, and therefore your suspicion can only be racist. 

So just give in to the perp because fighting him, well, that would be plain bigotry. You’re the villain now, which is amazing, since it’s so hard to tell who the bad guys are anymore. 

Daniel Penny

US Marine veteran Daniel Penny, 24, is escorted in handcuffs by the New York City Police Department after turning himself into the 5th Precinct in Lower Manhattan. (Michael Nigro/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Like that knife fight, I always say that, just like that knife fight in the middle of a New York City street last week, two guys start fist-fighting in the crosswalk, one pulls out a knife, fatally stabs the other guy to death, a few people tried to stop it, but they didn’t want to get stabbed either, and everybody else just walked on by. You can see Jamie Lissow go right by there. 

You can hardly blame them, though. Why get involved, right? They learned their lesson. Just wait for the cops to show up and dry chalk outline on the ground. Sadly, New York City has used up so much chalk, there’s none left for the schoolteachers. Those diagrams always look like they’re dancing. But get this: The victim, the victim was wanted for murder in Baltimore. It’s true. The streets of NYC are so bad, even the murderers aren’t safe. 


Tuesday, another man was stabbed to death on a train after arguing with a young couple and punching the woman in the face. Again, the stabbing victim who punched the woman in the face was an ex-con — the boyfriend, of course, charged with manslaughter, but at least we arrested Donald Trump. Your documents are safe now. No paper cuts. 

A woman in Manhattan was paralyzed last month when a man shoved her head in front of a moving train. But the mayor is going to make sure that guy is punished by spending a few months in prison eating vegan food. Another young woman in Queens was pushed onto the tracks last week but was able to get to safety. She actually went to her prom that night, which means she’s already gone to more proms than Jamie. 

Crime is so rampant in New York City, Bill de Blasio feels safe finally admitting that he murdered that groundhog. You remember that? Remember that? This is what he says, “Why would you want an elected official to hold a groundhog? I don’t know anything about holding groundhogs.” Well, dude, you didn’t know anything about running a major city, and it didn’t stop you from killing that, too. That groundhog got off easy. His death was quick. 


So why is this happening? Well, because Democrats allow it to happen. They look the other way. They reduce sentences for violent crime. They release predators, they demonize the police, they eliminate bail, and then they call it criminal justice reforms, but the only people who love the reforms are the criminals themselves. 

Their lives have never been better. And if you ask them, they’ll say business is booming because it is, and for the rest of us, life becomes a trap where the environment the left fostered allows for dangerous scenarios that force good people to try to do the right thing and get arrested, or don’t do the right thing and die. 

So my solution? Why not give us citizens a heads-up? If you give creeps freedom, then at least give us a running start. When a criminal psycho enters the subway, our phones should be beeping, you know, like an Amber Alert, perhaps prompted by the perp’s ankle bracelet. Is that a violation of his right to privacy? Well, you’ve already violated our right to live, so go —- yourself. 


The fact is, some of us are lucky enough never to be in a situation where we must choose between saving lives and a manslaughter charge, but if that ever happens, we hope someone like Mr. Penny might be there to help, but if Alvin Bragg has his way, no such luck, you’re on your own. 


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