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All right. Happy Monday, everyone. I’m sorry. He may not be Jack Kennedy. He’s better – a jacked Kennedy. 


Oh, yeah. Oh, man. Yeah. Almost as ripped as me. That’s obviously the democratic presidential hopeful RFK Jr. looking less like a politician and more like the king of late night. 

Over the weekend, he posted this video with the caption “Getting in shape for my debates with President Biden.” Meanwhile, here’s Biden getting ready for the same debates. 


Oh, yeah. Yeah. Well, right now, RFK Jr is the only presidential candidate whose poll numbers are actually higher than his body fat. Yeah, of course. I mean, the competition isn’t exactly fierce. The last time Chris Christie took his shirt off Greenpeace tried to roll it back in the water. Sorry about that, Governor. And Gavin Newsom, here is his work-out. 


So you get it. RFK Jr. is indeed different. He’s the most muscular Kennedy family member since Arnold bench-pressed the maid. Anyway, RFK Junior’s almost 70, which shows you that people age differently. Some look like this at 70 and some look like this at any age. 

But RFK comes at a time when America needs it most. We’re bouncing back from the pandemic, and we do mean bouncing. The average American who gained weight during the pandemic gained roughly 29 pounds during the lockdowns. I couldn’t believe that number either until I realized who threw off the average. But I know 29 pounds, or, as they call it in Europe, two and a half Kat Timpfs.

But RFK Jr tweeted that as president he’ll push us to exercise who eat well and fortify our immune system, which sounds hopeless and terrible. Let’s face it, we’re a fat country. We love it. 

Still, I can get behind it because working out is one of the few things you can do yourself that incentivizes hard effort and success. It’s not like picking stocks or betting on horses or having your dad hook you up with a gig on an oil company board of directors. We’re not talking about luck here. You get out what you put in. You lift weights in the mirror, says, Well done. It’s why so many young kids avoid trouble when I get them to join a gym. Of course, the gym is in my basement. But you get my point. There’s just no replacement for exercise. Well, doing blow and drinking nothing but coffee is a close second. But that’s neither here nor there. 

You work out for real, you get an enviable physique. Just like RFK Jr’s or even mine. Yeah. I know to laugh. You should see me in a girl’s small T-shirt. 

Take it from me because I work out every day. 


RFK Jr is smart. He’s not trashing Biden’s health, but filming his workouts that allow you to trash him yourself by making the comparison between Captain Ripped and the old fella currently putting socks over his shoes. And he’s also questioning many of the Democratic orthodoxies, which is why he has more enemies than Andrew Cuomo at a nursing home. 

Just days after RFK did a podcast with Joe Rogan where he voiced his views on the vaccine, a camera chasing M.D. named Dr. Hotez attacked them, both, calling the podcast “misinformation, nonsense and just awful.” He said this, you know, because he’s an expert in health. 

Well, did we show you who this expert is? Hmm. And here’s a reminder of RFK Jr. Here’s a side by side. So who’s the expert in health? No wonder when Hotez was invited to debate RFK, he turned it down like it was a free gym membership. 

Now, I wouldn’t mind having a president who pumps iron who has that discipline after all. He’s not on Twitter all day or hanging out of black tie affairs. The guy hikes the boats, he lifts, he hunts. Who knew that the most rounded candidate was also the most cut? And imagine if he wins the White House. How would this guy or even this guy compare to this? If nothing else, it’s got to be better than this. I don’t know if he actually would be a good president. Who knows? But he can’t be worse. I mean, from what I’ve seen, he’s sort of an OG Dem, not hyper woke and RFK Jr. has built up his guns while Bidens coming for yours. You like that? And he’s willing to question everything. Who does that remind you of? He’s a little like the guy who came down that escalator six years ago. The only difference? He’ll probably take the stairs.


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