Here are the finalist games of the Play Store Indie Games Festival

Like every year, let’s talk aboutIndie Game Festivalan event that Google holds annually and during which they come awarded the best games created by independent developers present on the Play Store. Recently, BigG has published the list of the finalists of the Indie Game Festival, as well as all the information on how to follow the event.

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The event will obviously be held in a completely virtual way on 3 September at 11.00: fans of indie games will be able to follow the awarding of the winning games and receive all the information on the event a This Page. We remind you that the winner of the Indie Game Festival will win a promotional campaign worth € 100,000, premium placements on Google Play and promotions on other Play Store marketing channels.

Below, the list of the finalist games of the 2022 edition of the Indie Game Festival for Europe (games are all also available at This Page):

  • Blacken Slash: A strategic role-playing game that combines mechanics from roguelike titles, turn-based tactics and hack and slash games.

  • DT Space Races: racing game, the player will be able to drive 16 spaceships, challenge opponents to unlock skills and progress in the adventure adventure.

  • Dungeons of Dreadrock: pixel art game that will put the player in front of many puzzles to solve to overcome the 100 handcrafted levels in the ancient depths of Dreadrock Mountain.

  • Find Hidden Objects Game (AR): augmented reality game in which you have to find objects in the real world (a kind of more modern Where’s Wally).

  • Fury Unleashed: roguelite platform game based on combo usage in which the player traverses the pages of an ever-changing comic.

  • Get Together: A Coop Adventure: puzzle game for 2 players. Players will need to communicate and collaborate to complete the adventure.

  • Gladiators: Survival in Rome: Action RPG with survival and city building game dynamics. A fugitive from Caesar’s army ventures into the wilds of ancient Europe.

  • Hygge is …: game with really pleasant and particular graphics, in which the player will have to solve some puzzles.

  • Kingdom: Idle Gold Tycoon: game in which the player will have to manage a city by building and improving buildings.

  • Kitty Q: title in which it will be necessary to solve riddles and in the meantime more than 20 scientific facts on quantum physics will be discovered.

  • Light It Up: Energy Loops: game in which you will have to solve riddles by connecting light bulbs to energy sources.

  • Luna Ravel: game in which they will play the role of a detective and have to solve mysteries.

  • Paths: Beatrice’s adventure: game in which it will be necessary to make choices that will have consequences on Beatrice’s adventure.

  • Pawnbarian: chess-themed roguelike game.

  • Please, Touch The Artwork: puzzle game related to the world of art.

  • Quadline: puzzle game in which you have to solve puzzles by moving lines or points.

  • Rhythmer_: game that mixes platform mechanics with rhythm game mechanics.

  • Square Valley: puzzle game in which you have to place tiles on a chessboard-like to build houses, trees, farms and animals of a city.

  • sugar game: game in which it will be necessary to make sure that the sugar ends up in the cup by drawing a path.

  • Wingspan: Bird-themed strategy and card game.

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