Today we talk about Fantasy football, a practice that involves millions of Italians every year, young and old, and which clearly bases its foundations on the game of football. Fantasy football has been around long before the advent of apps and games smartphonesbut clearly it has evolved over time.

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Predictably today we find an impressive array of apps and tools that help team management for everyone fantasy coach. The Wizard of Fantasy Football it is one of them. We tried it and were pleasantly surprised. We tell you why.

All fantasy coaches are every week more or less engrossed in the choice of training. The selection of owners is clearly crucial for the result and therefore it can be useful to have someone who sincerely helps in the choice. The Fantasy Football Wizard does just that, it’s an app that provides statistical tips on the players available to field the best training possible.

Installing the app is very simple and Not requires any kind of registration or login via email address. Once installed, you enter your own team and define the various players. The app supports mode mantra, or the one for which it is possible to customize the role of each player. In this way it will be easier to select the starting eleven.

As we mentioned above, The Wizard of Fantasy Football essentially provides advice on who to field. So let’s go see what they are instruments available to fantasy coaches to understand who to deploy:

  • Comparison of state of form for every single player in the squad. A synthetic percentage figure is provided which summarizes the player’s form based on his latest performances.
  • Calendar of the next matches to be played with specific advice on some players found to be fit.
  • Advice for each specific match. Percentage data relating to the final result will be displayed, but also those relating to the two players for each team who are in the best shape.
  • Wizard of the players’ squad with indications on the current state of form.
  • Rose display according to i roles covered by each player. You can set the classic or mantra display mode.

There graphics of the app, as you can see from the screenshots at the end of the article, is a lot clean and captivating.

The interface is well structured and it will hardly be difficult to find your way around.

Summing up a bit, The Witch of Fantasy Football is an app that can prove itself essential for an avid fantasy trainer. Let it be clear that Not should be understood as a substitute of the classic fantasy football management app, so much so that we don’t even make the comparison. The Fantasy Football Witch is an app that should be understood as a tool that helps resolve training doubts. The stars help to understand how much probability to take bonuses has a player, the arrows his state of form (with indications also for the injured) and above all the comparison tool is a valid support.

Then, we know it well, in fantasy football, as in life, they exist heart choices fantasy coaches that no AI or statistic will ever be able to affect.

The Witch of Fantasy Football is an app available for free on Play Store. Its use provides for advertisements in the form of short videos to be viewed approximately every 5 minutes of use.

There are no paid subscriptions. If you are already ready to try it, you will find the below direct download link from Play Store.

Download from Play Store


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