Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared on Pod Save America to share her thoughts on the latest Trump indictments and her views on those who support the former President. The failed presidential candidate kept nothing back when regaling her adoring audience with her vast wisdom.

Hillary seemed in her element at the event – laughing merrily at the former President. Still, she sometimes opted to take a more serious tone, warning the audience how unhinged half of America has become. Well known for comparing Republicans to various unsavory aspects of history and society, Hillary now calls those who defend the former President cult followers.

Will this recent comparison resonate with voters or predictably dig in those who believe there is a two-tiered justice system? It’s been my experience that most people don’t like to be told they are crazy.

We’re Crazy

Hillary Clinton explained while on Pod Save America:

“The response that we’ve seen in polling from Republicans suggest that they’re going to stick with him, that it’s more of a cult than a political party at this point.”

Hillary is referring to the fact that the former President is still showing a marked lead over his competitors for the GOP nomination despite the relentless attacks from the Biden administration’s Department of Justice.

On the continued support and defense of Mr. Trump, she said, without a hint of irony:

“The psychology of this is so hard for me to fully grasp.”

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Apparently, Hillary thought this was the Republicans’ moment to break free from the mesmerizing grasp the bad orange man has on them:

“This could have been the opportunity to say, you know, thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us. We really appreciate it, you know. But this is kind of serious. And so we’re not going to, you know, continue to defend you. But no, they’re all in.”

To use some of her own words in the same segment, it is fascinating and a little sad that this career political criminal can sit with a straight face and seem perplexed that people would continue to support someone accused of alleged crimes surrounding possible mishandling of classified material. 

It’s A Cult!

This isn’t the first time Hillary has used the cult reference. She told TIME Magazine:

“You have to think of him not as a former president or even a presidential candidate so much as a cult leader…he has a hold on a significant portion of the Republican party.”

Some might argue this is just her usual schtick. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that she called half of all Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables,” which linguistically still makes me scratch my head.

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Last September, Hillary compared images of Trump supporters at a rally to those of Nazis. However, I argue that this comparison to Trump as a cult leader and his supporters to cult followers is a targeted approach meant for much more sinister purposes than remaining relevant in a time when she is anything but.

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When you dehumanize a large swathe of the population and relabel a political opponent as something much more dangerous than he really is, you open the door for actions in any other place and time that would be inexcusable as allowable for the “good of the country.” Think of actions like attempting to steal an election, delegitimize the Supreme Court, and unlawfully go after a political opponent.

Welcome to your new country, where the other side just openly admits to what they are planning to do. Don’t believe me? Let’s look at a few more of Hillary’s past comments.

It’ll Be The End Of Everything!

Last month in Washington D.C., Hillary said of a possible second Trump presidency:

“Look, if Trump wins, which I do not believe will happen, let me just quickly say that. If in some scenario that were to happen, it would be the end of democracy in the United States. It would be the end of Ukraine.”

Oh, Hillary, the scenario in which Trump would win is if and when the American voters exercise their civic duties and choose him as their next President through one of our democratic mechanisms. The same way you lost, if you remember, Hillary. 

It’s also telling that second to our very democracy crumbling comes the left’s next biggest fear, the end of Ukraine – a country on the other side of the world on a different continent. She goes on:

“You know, he will pull us out of NATO if he wins again. And just like he pulled us out of the Iran deal, he pulled us out of the Paris Accords. He will pull us out of NATO.”

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Hell, Hillary, you almost have me convinced to vote for Trump with talk like that! But next comes the real point:

“…the list of potentially disastrous outcomes is longer than I have time to go over with you, but it’s why we can’t permit it to happen.”

Check out that wording, “permit it to happen”…that is how they open the door to excusing the actual undemocratic actions they are currently advocating and exercising against a political opponent. 

You Need A Hobby

In that May speech, Hillary said:

“Why any sensible person who looks at the former president and says, ‘Oh, let’s do this again,’ needs an intervention.”

A sign that someone lacks actual merit or facts to counter any debate is when they call you crazy and stupid. I often wonder when Hillary crawls out to grace us with her presence if the Democratic Party is as embarrassed as I am for them. 

Keep calling Republicans stupid and crazy, Hillary, and see what happens. Einstein famously said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Who’s the crazy one, Hillary? It’s time to pick up an appropriate hobby like knitting and spending time with your grandkids.

Or you can keep helping out the Trump campaign; your decision. Luckily for you, this is still a free country even with your side doing their best to make it not so.

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