Home automation within reach of smartwatches with the new Google Home app

There are some important news on the front of wearable devices, and in particular for all those who use one smart watches Wear OS. The news is about the home automation and the Google Home app.

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A few months ago we talked about the interesting news that Google had in mind about the new Home app for Wear OS 3. These concern features that would have enabled the smart home automation control directly from your smartwatch.

Finally we return to talk about why Google has distribution started of the first preview version of the Google Home app for Wear OS 3 which includes all these new features. Basically, we see a renewed look but most of all new commands to quickly interact with smart devices connected to your Google account.

The new home automation control features also include slider for adjust the various parameters operation of the connected devices. Exactly how it is already possible to do with the Google Home app up smartphones.

This type of check regardless from using the app on your smartphone and therefore allows you to manage home automation directly from your Wear OS 3 smartwatch.

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The news just described, which you can also find in the short video demo below, they are reserved to those who have joined the Preview of the Google Home app and using the same app on a smartwatch updated to Wear OS 3. However, we expect that within the next few weeks the same news will also arrive for those who use the version stable.

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