As school leavers continue to navigate their post-exam career options, a recent survey by Grant Thornton reveals that young people have misconceptions about careers in accountancy. These create barriers that can make certain roles and future careers seem unattainable to the younger person.

With this in mind, Neil Finegan from DLC Training, who specialises in learning and development, has shared key priorities employers across all industries must consider in order to attract Gen Z and younger people into their workforce.

Embrace Online Platforms

“In the last year, #careeradvice has had 10,000 posts on TikTok across the UK with 120 million views – 69% of whom were aged 18-24. This should tell employers exactly where they need to reach out and place their brand to attract a younger generation of talent. Sharing advice and information on your sector in digestible content is an easy way for you to reach a younger audience and attract them to your sector.”

Offer Diverse Career Pathways

“Many young people still believe they have limited options once they’ve left school to build a career. Providing a range of pathways to access your company means you will attract younger talent who may not have a CV of experience, who may not have had a successful exam period or who have an interest in the industry.”

Be Transparent about Professional Development

“Learning and development should be a huge part of your business, anyway, but this needs to be crystal clear to younger generations early on. Mapping out the progression individuals should expect from their role, advertising a range of courses they can take to continuously grow and being transparent about what learning opportunities are available will demonstrate how serious the business takes professional development and will attract a younger audience. The generation of self-improvement, Gen Z are attracted by opportunities and extra training they can add to their CV – companies that get this will offer more attractive traits for new talent.”

Create an Inclusive Workplace

“Gen-Zs value a workplace that values its people. By creating an inclusive workplace for all ages and backgrounds, you will not only progress your business to where it should be in 2023, but you’ll find a new wave of talent who appreciate it, too. Empower employees, offer a diverse leadership team and create a culture of inclusivity.”

Offer Flexibility

“It’s no surprise that working for a distance learning provider, I would champion flexibility, but this is becoming ever popular with younger generations, too. Creating a work environment that is understanding of life outside of work, is flexible in where and how its employees can contribute, and who even allows remote working is going to attract the new talent in the post-covid work landscape.”


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