How much is a new first generation iPhone worth at auction? You won’t believe it

The first iPhone presented by Steve Jobs back on June 27, 2007, it was sold at an introductory price of $599. But today, how much is a specimen sealed in its original packaging worth?

Karen Green one of the few people who owns this historic smartphone. The first generation iPhone was given to him at the time but the woman he never opened it since he already had phone contracts that iPhone did not support at the time. Therefore, placed in a drawer for 15 long yearstoday his iPhone still perfectly packaged may be worth at least $50,000, according to estimates. The first generation iPhone had a 2MP and possessed 8GB of internal memory.

Karen Green decided to put the rare specimen up for auctionmanaged by the house LCG Auctionswhich will end on February 19th. There were only two bids in one day, and to date the highest bid by $2,750 (started from a base of 2,500 dollars). There is still a lot to go to the end, and the price will most likely rise significantly. In November of 2022, a first-generation sealed iPhone was auctioned off for $39,339.60.

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