How Ramesh Bhat Helped Shankar Nag In Making Nodi Swamy Navirodu Hige

Nodi Swamy Navirodu Hige, directed by Shankar Nag, is a romantic comedy showing the story of a couple and their bachelor friend Mysore Matha. The film was a success with the audience applauding the performances of Shankar Nag, Ramesh Bhat and Arundathi Nag. While many praised the film and performance, not many know that there were also some difficulties before making the film. Ramesh Bhat described that a lot of painstaking efforts were involved in making Nodi Swamy Navirodu Hige a successful film.

According to Ramesh Bhat, Shankar Nag had told him the idea behind this film but was not proceeding with it. Ramesh asked Shankar many times what was stopping him from embarking ahead with this film. It was then that Ramesh got to know that Shankar’s financial situation was not good enough for making this film. Later, Ramesh decided to contribute to the making of this film. The Bettada Dari actor asked Shankar to proceed with his idea and not worry about the money involved in the making of Nodi Swamy Navirodu Hige.

Ramesh Bhat also asked some of his friends to help him fund Nodi Swamy Navirodu Hige. Together, they reached the venue where Shankar was shooting for the film Rakta Tilaka, directed by Joe Simon. The decisions regarding funding amount and other aspects were taken at the filming location. Finally, Ramesh and his friends portrayed a powerful role in the making of Nodi Swamy Navirodu Hige.

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Anant Nag also contributed some money for Nodi Swamy Navirodu Hige. Ramesh Bhat’s wife had also decided to contribute.

Besides the difficulties of funds, another problem which Nodi Swamy Navirodu Hige’s team faced was that they couldn’t find a camera. Their first day of shooting was wasted due to this problem. After facing tremendous difficulties, finally, they got hold of a camera.

Apart from Shankar, Ramesh, Arundathi, Anant, Lakshmi, Master Manjunath, Loknath, Kaminidharan, Udaya Kumar and others were a part of the film. Manohar Katadare penned the storyline. Shankar wrote the screenplay and Somu scripted the dialogues.

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