U.S. universities facilitate the development of interdisciplinary skills in students by offering specialized majors such as object design and sports management. Get complete details here

American universities provide a plethora of niche programs tailored to international students who aspire to forge a career in a specialized industry. These programs seamlessly merge interdisciplinary skills with their distinct and personal interests. However, Indian students in the United States predominantly opt for majors in STEM fields and business, which are the most popular programs among them. The specialized majors such as object design and sports management offered by U.S. universities assist students in cultivating interdisciplinary skills.

A graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in designed objects from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), Anavi Nugyal says, “I was looking for an interdisciplinary course that would allow me to develop my vague interest in the creative world, and better understand its potential. The School of the Art Institute of Chicago offers a unique interdisciplinary program, with no majors and access across different disciplines in the creative world and that is what made me apply and commit.”  

Career Counseling

Exploring Different Designs

The field of designed objects, encompassed within the Architecture, Designed Objects Department and Interior Architecture is a vibrant interdisciplinary domain where space design, UI/UX (user interface/user experience), product design and social design converge. Within this, students acquire essential skills to envision and fabricate impactful objects, systems, and experiences through a well-structured curriculum. It offers a platform for students to explore the boundaries of design, encouraging them to craft meaningful and purposeful creations that resonate with society.

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For over 155 years, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) has been a driving force in nurturing the future wave of impactful artists and designers. Students are actively encouraged to unleash their creativity by exploring diverse disciplines, allowing them to refine their skills and generate innovative and audacious ideas. 

The Sports Business: Exploring the Intersection of Athletics and Commerce

The Vinik Sport and Entertainment Management (VSEM) program is a comprehensive two-year dual-degree program that empowers students to obtain both an M.B.A. degree with a specialization in sports business and an M.S. degree in sports and entertainment management. The VSEM program has an online application process, which necessitates students to submit various documents such as résumé, statement of purpose, recommendation letters, transcripts, and a video introducing themselves and expressing their interest in the program. International students are additionally required to provide a TOEFL score or any other evidence of English proficiency. For those in need, financial aid options are accessible for the program. 

What After the program? 

The VSEM program immerses students in a professional sports setting, allowing them to witness classroom lessons in action. Students spend two days in classes and three days working with program partners, such as pro teams, NCAA teams, or sports commissions in the Tampa Bay Area. Upon completing the program, graduates have a multitude of career paths to choose from in the realms of professional sports or collegiate athletics.

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These paths may include roles in community impact initiatives within the sports industry, as well as positions in sports and entertainment commissions in various cities. In order to graduate with an M.B.A. after the initial three semesters, each student must have at least one semester’s worth of fellowship experience.

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