Hunting in the city and in protected areas, the surreal amendment that authorizes it

There budget law is essentially closed. Thursday 22 December he will be in the courtroom, where the trust will be placed. Then a beating drum – and armored, without any possible modifications – will pass to the Senate for final approval. In time to dodge the provisional exercise. Among the infinite novelties there is also one that has been talked about for days, first judged inadmissible with general relief and then magically recovered at the last second and with the games now over, at dawn on 21 December. In pure political situationism. Brace yourselves, because it is incredible: the Montecitorio Budget Commission has in fact approved an amendment which allows hunting in protected areas and even in cities regardless of prohibitions or at closing of the hunting season.

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The proposal is from the Brothers of Italy, the first signatory is in fact Tommaso Foti: if it ends up in the maxi-amendment that will be presented to the Chamber, it foresees the possibility of killing wildlife (the ubiquitous wild boarsof course, but also many other species) for “road safety reasons” even within protected and urban areas. Not only that: those specimens, once slaughtered, can be subjected to hygienic-sanitary analyzes and possibly sent to the food consumption. In short, the taste for the absurd, which obviously accompanies the adoption of an extraordinary five-year plan for the management and containment of wildlife which provides for the killing and capture of animals.

From the back door

Clearly ordinary citizens are not authorized to target the wild boar rummaging in the waste from the terrace (which is one of the real problems of their presence on urban streets). Even if the risk, and this is the first point, is that that idea more or less passes. These city actions will be coordinated by the Carabinieri Forestry, Environmental and Agri-Food Protection Unit Command who will be able to make use of recognized hunters, hunting guards and even local or provincial police officers with the aim of organizing these disturbing hunting trips in the heart of our cities or in protected areas. All without considering the effects and risks on the population in the case of urban areas and on balances and other species in protected areas. It really seems like fake news to have a laugh on social media. And we can bet that in the end nothing will happen in the city because, precisely, we don’t know where to start listing the surreal and problematic aspects.

The most serious aspect is, if anything, that with theFar West amendment another aspect, which is the most dangerous after all, begins to pass through the back door. And that is that the hunt can take place even outside the authorized period, during the bans or in the closed season. Not only that: according to Angelo Bonelli, spokesperson for Green Europe, “the law will allowculling of species protected by the European Union, does not only concern wild boars, such as wolves, bears, foxes and more in total violation of the Habitats Directive and Article 9 of the Constitution. They decided to kill protected animals in no-hunt areas as a favor to the hunting and gun lobby. We will fight in Parliament but our complaint to the European Union is already ready because we are convinced that Italy will be put in formal notice with the launch of an infringement procedure against the Italian government”.

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