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The next big hurricane could result in flooding in your area. And even if you don’t live in a hurricane hotspot, all sorts of disasters, from cracked pipes to heavy rain, can cause your home to flood. Luckily, there are things you can buy to help protect your home from water damage. 

“Even just one inch of water can cause thousands of dollars in damages,” the vice president of operations at Rainbow Restoration (a home restoration company) Steve Leasure told CBS Essentials. 

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) offers guidelines on how to protect your home from flooding. The organization outlines products you can buy that may help. 

For one, you can install a rain barrel to collect the water runoff from your roof, keeping it away from your walls. You can also install flood vents, which are small, permanent openings that allow floodwater to flow freely through enclosures like crawlspaces or garages in your home. Sump pumps pump groundwater away from your home through drainage pipes. And to prevent sewer backups, you can add drain plugs to all of your basement floor drains. 

You can purchase a flood alert system for your home. The system will warn you if there is a risk of flooding so you can take preventative action. You can also purchase portable flood gates or shields, sandbags, inflatable flood walls and flood skirts to protect your home when you know the time has come.

Shop some of these items that can help you prepare for flooding ahead, plus hear more from Leasure about why they’re important.

Products to protect your home from flooding

Try these expert-recommended and customer-loved items from Walmart and Amazon. They may help protect your home from flooding.

RTS Home Accents Eco rain barrel

RTS Home Accents RTS ECO Barrel


Rain barrels can collect the water runoff from your roof during heavy rains, keeping it away from your walls. 

This black rain barrel is made of plastic designed to look like wood. Its plastic construction helps it resist rot, insects and weathering. It has a standard hose connection so you can use your collected rainwater for gardening in the future.

This rain barrel has a flat back so it can fit up against your house. It has a 50-gallon capacity.

“This is a good price for a well-designed rain barrel,” a Walmart reviewer says.

Why we like this rain barrel: This rain barrel has a sleek look and helps you protect your home from moisture, while simultaneously helping you save on your water bill.

Smart Vent insulated foundation flood vent

Smart Vent Insulated Foundation Flood Vent


Hire someone to install this insulated flood vent. Smart Vent promises 200 square feet of flood protection per vent. These stainless-steel vents allow for the entry and exit of flood water, relieving pressure to help prevent home foundation damage and lower your flood risk.

Installing flood vents may even lead to lower insurance premiums for your home. Speak with your insurance provider for more information.

Find this vent in four colors. Prices vary by color. The stainless steel is currently on sale for $215, reduced from $244.

Why we like this flood vent: It helps relieve pressure to protect and prevent home foundation damage. Installing these flood vents may help lower your insurance premiums.

Superior Pump thermoplastic submersible sump pump

Superior Pump Thermoplastic Submersible Sump Pump


“Flooding from rain storms typically starts in the basement of a home,” Leasure tells CBS Essentials. “One way to prevent this from happening is by installing a sump pump. It’s a device that pumps water rising up from the ground back to the outside so that your basement and the rest of your home stays dry.”

This sump pump from Amazon can move up to 1,800 gallons of water per hour. It has a tethered float switch to automatically turn it off or on. 

This sump pump comes in two other sizes as well. 

Why we like this sump pump: This 4.5-star-rated sump pump can move up to 1,800 gallons of water per hour. If you have a basement or a lower level, this sump pump may help protect it from water damage. 

Zircon Leak Alert water leak detector and flood sensor (8-pack)

Zircon Leak Alert Water Leak Detector & Flood Sensor


These flood sensors sound an alarm when even only a small amount of moisture is detected nearby. Place them around your home in places like your ground level, basement or in your yard.

These Zircon alarms are battery-powered. They can even float on water while continuing to sound their alarm for up to 72 hours. They chirp when it’s time to replace their battery.

These alarms also come in one-, two- and five-packs. An alternative option has both a sound alarm and LED lights that flash when moisture is detected.

Why we like these flood sensors: Noticing leaks early can help you save money on water damage. Even if you can’t see the rising water, these sensors will emit a loud sound so you can get in gear and protect your home. 

Quick Dam grab and go flood kit

Quick Dam Grab & Go Flood Kit


“When extreme weather emergencies are predicted in your home’s area that could cause flash flooding like hurricanes or tropical storms, consider buying sand or floodbags to create a barrier around your home to divert and prevent water from getting inside vulnerable doors and windows,” Leasure says.

This flood kit offers 10 five-foot flood barriers that come in a bucket. The flood barriers are water-activated and can reach 3.5 inches in height within minutes. They provide 50 feet of flood protection. You can use these to protect your doorways, garages, and more. Use them both indoors and outdoors.

Why we like this flood kit: This flood kit is versatile, with flood barriers that can be stacked to increase their height.

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