I Am Groot, in the animated series Bradley Cooper will again be the voice of Rocket

On August 10, it will debut on the Disney + streaming platform I Am Grootnew animated series Marvel starring the humanoid tree that became famous in the ranks of Guardians of the Galaxy.

The first episode has already been shown in some American cinemas, on the occasion of the screening of Thor Love and Thunderand whoever saw the episode confirms the return of actor Bradley Cooper as the English voice of Groot’s best friend, Rocket Raccoon.

At his side, always as an original voice, he also returns Vin Diesel, which will still be Groot, albeit in a “miniature” version. Bradley Cooper has always been the voice of Rocket, since his first appearance in the first film dedicated to the Guardians, but strangely he never impersonated himalthough an actor was used for the motion capture of the digital character.

I Am Groot

This is because director James Gunn had preferred to give this assignment to brother Sean Gunn, but not as a matter of favoritism. In fact, Sean is a specialist in roles of this genre, where it is necessary to move around the set in a strange way, crouching, or even on all fours, a skill that has greatly simplified the work of post production workers. Cooper thus had to limit himself to offering only his voice.

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To I Am Groot other animated series will follow, that is Marvel Zombies,Spider-Man: Freshman Year,And X-Men 97, but with a roadmap that has been diluted over the years. Just a week later, the TV series of She-Hulk.


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