Influenza: how to book the vaccine region by region

We still have time to get vaccinated againstinfluence. There ministerial circular issued last July in fact recommended, on the one hand, to anticipate the flu vaccine campaign as early as the beginning of October. At the same time, he suggested extending the possibility of getting vaccinated, especially for risk categories, to any moment of the vaccination season. Getting vaccinated is in fact the most effective strategy for preventing the flu, which this year, as we have already told you, is spreading. In this regard, the Ministry of Health has also made available a Web page with the answers to frequently asked questionsthe. But let’s see in detail how the flu vaccination works in the various regions: useful links, how to book the vaccine (when required) and who is responsible for administering the vaccinations.

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How it works in the various regions


In Abruzzo it is necessary to consult the site of your local health authority (such as that of Asl1 Abruzzo).

South Tyrol

In South Tyrol it is possible to carry out the flu vaccination at the same time as the one against Covid-19. People who wish to receive only the flu shot can book by calling the Provincial Reservation Center for Prevention (tel. +39 0472 973 850, from Monday to Friday – from 08.00 to 16.00).


Affiliated pharmacies are the point of reference for Basilicata thanks to agreements entered into with Federfarma.


In Calabria it is necessary to consult the website of your local health authority, such as that of Reggio Calabria Provincial Company.


On the regional website Campania there is no information on how to book the “traditional” flu vaccine, while it reads in one Note the news of the purchase and distribution of the flu vaccine in the form of a nasal spray, intended for children and adolescents aged between 24 months and 18 years, especially if affected by certain pathologies.

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Emilia Romagna

Also in Emilia Romagna you can contact us at affiliated and participating pharmacies to the campaign, both if you are entitled to free vaccination and if you are responsible for the costs.

Friuli Venezia Giulia

In Friuli Venezia Giulia it is possible to get vaccinated by contacting your family doctor or pediatrician directly, or by contacting the vaccination centers of the local health authorities. It will also be possible to get vaccinated at some participating pharmacies.


In Lazio for adults it is possible to get vaccinated in participating pharmacies, at your family doctor or at the dedicated centers of the local health authorities. The regional health system then refers to the website of its local health authority for all further information.


There Liguria dedicates a portal to booking the flu vaccine – the same one already in use for vaccinations against Covid-19 – which can be administered at participating pharmacies or at the local health authority. However, it is still possible to book by contacting your family doctor, or at the Cup counters or at the pharmacies themselves. Those who are not entitled to free vaccination will instead be able to carry it out only in pharmacies.


In Lombardystarting from 26 November, even those who do not fall within the age groups for which vaccination is actively offered can receive the vaccine free of charge by booking at participating pharmacies or by contacting their family doctor.


For those who live in the Brandsthe information can be found on site of the vaccination plan of the region, in a note following all the links relating to other services. Also in this case, many pharmacies have joined the campaign and act as dispensing points.


The region Molise has set up a special Web portal for the reservation (with the relative manual of use for users), accessible from “online services” section of the site of the Regional Health Authority. It will also be possible to get vaccinated At your family doctor or local health authority.

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For those who live in Piedmont it is necessary to refer to your Local Health Authority (we report the example of Local Health Authority “City of Turin”).


The dedicated site of the region Puglia does not explicitly mention the booking method, but underlines the fact that the flu vaccine can be co-administered with the Covid-19 vaccine, by providing a special link on the same page.


In Sardinia you can get vaccinated prepared centers without reservation


In Sicily the vaccination is offered actively and free of charge at the outpatient clinics of family doctors, paediatricians of free choice or at the vaccination hubs of the local health authorities. Some vaccination centers also allow simultaneous vaccination against the flu and against Covid-19 and booking in this case is possible through the dedicated site.


There Tuscany provides a green number to call in case of questions (800 55 60 60), as well as suggesting that you contact your doctor or the vaccination center of your local health authority.

Autonomous Province of Trento

For the autonomous province of Trenton the other hand, you can contact your family doctor or pediatrician, or book the vaccination at the Cup online in the vaccination centers of the Provincial Health Services Company, Apss ( > booking without prescription > flu vaccination > check the category to which it belongs > select location and time).


In Umbria it is possible to contact the pharmacies participating in the campaign both to reserve the dose of anti-flu and to receive it.

Valle d’Aosta

Who lives in Valle d’Aosta you can contact your family doctor or pediatrician, the participating pharmacies or the vaccination hubs in place.


Affiliated pharmacies are also the point of reference for Veneto thanks to agreements stipulated between the region and Federfarma.


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