Insta360 Link: the company’s first webcam in 4K and with a lot of Artificial Intelligence arrives

Insta360 today begins a new chapter and officially announces the launch of Insta360 Link that is a 4K webcam enhanced with Artificial Intelligence. The action cam giant therefore throws itself into the world of webcams which in this period of hybrid work certainly are the most popular, and creates a product that on paper seems to displace the other competitors a little for the ability to have an important enhancement with the Artificial Intelligence that helps to have one incredible image quality and user experience for professionals from all sectors and streamers.

Its features are interesting since the new Insta360 Link equipped with 4K resolution and an industry-leading 1/2 ” sensor. Not only because the webcam also offers high dynamic range in any light conditions and thank you again to the 3-axis gimbal and the integrated AI algorithms the user will always remain in the center of the frame and will be able to control the webcam through gestures. With several versatile modes such as DeskView, Insta360 Link is ready for any type of remote work.

“The development of Insta360 Link was a natural evolution of our goal to help people share their lives. With the pandemic redefining working from home and an unprecedented pace, we have seen an opportunity to help people through to our experience in image processing. Link’s ultra-precise AI tracking algorithms and premium quality hardware make remote communication more intuitive than ever. “he has declared JK Liufounder of Insta360.

Insta360 Link: here are its technical characteristics

Meanwhile, Insta360 Link offers the best resolution in its category i.e Ultra HD – 4k at 30fps. This, according to the company, allows you to have images faithful to reality, with high details. In the Link Controller software there are several resolutions and frame rates to choose from, as well as a complete customization of settings for brightness, exposure, white balance and more. The size of the Insta360 Link sensor they allow you to capture much more detail, have better dynamic range and better images in low light conditions. This guarantees a perfect image in any condition, according to the manufacturer’s words.

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There is also the HDR mode which offers a greater balance between light and shadow, ensuring that the background is overexposed due to a nearby window or from another light source. Not just because blurry shots are a thing of the past thanks to True Focus. Link uses the Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) technology and auto exposure to focus almost instantly.

Link’s AI features make life easier for users in many ways. The gimbal design allows tracking with Artificial Intelligence to follow the user’s movement, keeping it always framed. Thanks to automatic framing and zooming, there is no need to manually adjust the webcam during a call. For remote adjustments, Link responds instantly to user gestures. Hence, simple gestures of the user’s hand will be enough to activate AI tracking, zoom and other webcam modes. You won’t need to click anything.

Video Resolution 4K 24/25 / 30fps, 1080p 24/25/30/50 / 60fps, 720p 24/25/30/50 / 60fps
Video Encoding Format H.264 (all resolutions and frame rates), MJPEG (4K 24 / 25fps, 1080p all frame rates, 720p all frame rates)
Exposure compensation 3 EV
ISO 100-3200
Shutter speed 1 / 8000-1 / 30s
White balance 2000-10000K


Focal length equivalent to 35mm 26mm
Fixed FOV

DFOV 79.5, HFOV 67

Digital zoom up to 4X
Autofocus Distance supported from 10cm to ∞
HDR Support for 1080p 24/25 / 30fps and 720p 24/25/30
Audio Dual Noise Canceling Microphones
UVC 1.1
UAC 1.0
Button Touch Key
Connectivity Via USB-C to USB-C cable (USB 2.0) or Type-C to Type-A adapter
Battery None
Energy consumption

5V / 1A

Mounting options 1/4 “mounting point for tripod mounting and integrated clip for mounting on PC screen
Dimensions 694145 mm
Weight 106 g
System requirements

Operating System: Windows 8 or later (Windows 8.1 or later required for 4K); macOS 10.10 or later.

RAM: 2GB of RAM (1080p) or higher; 1GB (720p).

Operating temperature 0C to 40C

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And then there is also Link’s advanced software which also supports the mode DeskView: this allows users to quickly switch between face and worktop views. Software algorithms level out the perspective for easier viewing of documents – perfect for presenting during a video call.

Link has a number of specialized modes to offer users all the possible advantages of online communication:

  1. Whiteboard mode: Enhance the whiteboard display to give students or meeting attendees a clearer view.
  2. Portrait mode: Broadcast live with a 9:16 view for optimal viewing and better picture quality.
  3. Overhead mode: Precise top-down view with Link mounted on a table stand, perfect for unboxing a product or drawing a project.

After the call ends, Link’s target will automatically point down within 10 seconds of inactivity out of respect for your privacy.

And then again among the features there is also a dual microphone with noise cancellationease of assembly thanks to integrated screen clip and a 1/4 “holder. According to the manufacturers, the Insta360 Link has been designed to fit perfectly into work and everyday life. For video calls, perfectly compatible with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Meet and several other platforms on both macOS and Windows.

Insta360 Link: price and availability

Insta360 Link will be available from 2 August 2022 on and at selected retailers. The introductory price of 369.99 . In addition to the webcam, the package also includes 4 whiteboard recognition markers, a USB-C cable and a USB-C to A adapter.


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