Regarding Jacinda Ardern’s resignation (Jacinda Ardern knew when to quit. Unlike some other politicians I could mention, 19 January), Gaby Hinsliff asks: “Would a man have had the self-awareness or humility to step aside?” She may be interested to learn that Ardern was catapulted into the leadership of the Labour party here when the then leader of the opposition, Andrew Little, resigned in her favour shortly before the 2017 election. Few recognised that he didn’t have what it takes to win an election.

Many of us in Aotearoa/New Zealand are grieving the loss of such a kind, honest and authentic leader, one of the greatest of our lifetimes. We are dismayed that an unrelenting campaign of hate and lies, often misogynistic, has taken her from us. She would, however, be perfect in the role of secretary general of the United Nations. Please note, world.
Peter Haynes
Auckland, New Zealand

After witnessing so much corruption, dishonesty and self-aggrandising during the Johnson/Truss/Sunak era in the UK, how refreshing to see a political leader elsewhere who demonstrates the importance of public service, integrity and humility.
Matthew Ryder
St Neots, Cambridgeshire

I think the reason Jacinda Ardern has nothing left in the tank is that she has done the job properly for the benefit of her country, and not for self-aggrandisement and enrichment, unlike the succession of entitled millionaires we have had running (down) our country for the last 13 years.
Peter Wilson
Windermere, Cumbria

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