‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Makes Monumentally Bad Guess About Michael Caine

“Batman” fans couldn’t “get no satisfaction” after one “Jeopardy!” contestant’s blunder.

Contestant Mazin Omer gave a wonky answer on Monday when he received a clue featuring a picture of actor Michael Caine, who played Alfred Pennyworth in Christopher Nolan’s “Batman” series. After seeing the photo of Caine, Omer guessed that the actor was Mick Jagger, lead singer of The Rolling Stones.

Watch the clip of the “Jeopardy!” goof-up below:

Twitter users joked about the screw-up after it aired on Monday.

Caine may not have written songs with Keith Richards in his career, however, Jagger has allegedly impersonated Caine in the past. Welsh actor Rob Brydon, in an appearance on “The Graham Norton Show,” said Jagger once broke out the impression at a house party.

“My wife and I were leaving down the stairs from the first floor, and as we’re headed to door I heard ‘Rob, Rob,’” Brydon said. “And I looked ‘what, what,’ and [Jagger] was on the landing and he was like: ‘Don’t throw those bloody spears at me.’”

Brydon was confused but later realized Jagger was doing an impression of Caine’s role in “Zulu.”

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Watch Brydon’s recollection of the Caine impersonation below:

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