Jharkhand Education Department Orders Removal of ‘Urdu’ Word From non-Urdu Schools

Jharkhand Primary Education Department issued an official notice on August 1 to remove the word “Urdu” from schools that have not been designated as Urdu Schools by the government. The department’s order also directed such schools to keep the weekly holiday on Sunday rather than Friday.

The official note stated that the department had received information that some schools had added the word ‘Urdu’ and designated weekly offs on Fridays instead of Sundays. In addition to it, the schedule of mid-day meals and pre-prayer methods were also changed accordingly.

Following this, the Directorate of Primary Education shared the following guidelines stating that Urdu word should be immediately taken out from the schools which aren’t already designated as Urdu schools.

“Except for designated Urdu Schools, others should observe weekly holidays on Sundays and the mid-day meal should be served on Sundays. Academic activities should not be conducted on Sundays in non-designated Urdu schools under any circumstances. It should also be ensured that prayer is held in non-notified Urdu schools in accordance with the previous method.” stated the order. The order further stated that any obstruction of the department’s work by a local person, school administration, or any other party would be viewed as interfering with social harmony and would be grounds for appropriate legal action.

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Have a look at the notification here:

It was previously reported that the Jharkhand Education Department had launched an investigation into a school in the Lohardaga district following a name change controversy.

The investigation was ordered by Jharkhand BJP MP Sudarshan Bhagat. Moreover, similar incidents occurred in several Jharkhand schools, where names, weekly offs, and other routine activities were changed to “facilitate the requirements of Muslim students”.

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