In January 2008, Kate Middleton stepped out with her younger sister Pippa to celebrate her 26th birthday.

The future Princess of Wales was wearing a gorgeous citrine cocktail ring, which she has only been seen wearing a few times since.

Kate wore the ring twice 10 years later – once at the Gentlemen’s Singles Final at Wimbledon in 2018 and another time at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The following year, the Princess once again wore the citrine cocktail ring at Wimbledon.

Then, in 2021, Kate wore the ring with a showstopping Jenny Packham gold dress at the James Bond No Time To Die premiere.

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When the Princess was seen wearing the ring a few times in 2018, many fans suspected it was a push present from Prince William as Kate had just given birth to Prince Louis that year.

However, the fact Kate was seen wearing the jewel in 2008 debunks that theory.

She was also seen wearing the jewel at the wedding of Lady Rose Windsor and George Gilman at St James’s Palace in July 2008.

James Constantinou, the founder of Prestige Pawnbrokers, told Express.co.uk that the jewel could be a family heirloom.

He explained: “This could well be a Middleton family piece heirloom that she’s wearing.

“It’s said the Lore is attached to citrine and that it would bring wealth to the owner, possibly something Kate is unlikely to need throughout her lifetime.

“Belonging to a royal, I would estimate this piece to fetch £25,000 at auction should it ever be presented.”

Mike Shotton, a jewellery expert from Acotis Diamonds also explained how the jewel could have several hidden meanings.

According to the expert, Kate’s ring could symbolise “independence” for the Princess.

He claimed: “While most jewellery Kate wears is assumed to be from the royal collection, she actually wore this citrine beauty on her 26th birthday, suggesting this is a personal piece.

“Some relate her wearing of the citrine ring to a sign of independence.

“Throughout history, gemstones adopt symbolic meaning – citrine is recognised as a gem of optimism, hope, and happiness.”


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