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With crypto in a state of turbulent flux, a demographic of nonfungible token (NFT) detractors in the fine art world might feel trigger-happy to, at last, declare the industry down for the count.

Meanwhile, artist, critic, dealer, educator and outspoken NFT proponent Kenny Schachter is celebrating the conclusion of Slow Food — his first New York City art exhibition in 25 years — at The NFT Gallery on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, fresh off the heels of headlining NFT Art Day ZRH in Zurich, Switzerland, coinciding with the iconic annual Art Basel art fair, less than 50 miles away.

“NFT Gimmicks” artwork on view in Slow Food. Source: Vittoria Benzine
Osinachi, Obrist and Anandol sculptures at the back of Slow Food. Source: Vittoria Benzine
“Missionary Position: ETH (tapestry version)” from Slow Food. Source: Kenny Schachter