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The leftist “news” media – NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times – continue their conspiracy of silence on blockbuster evidence of President Joe Biden’s corruption, determined to see, hear, and report no evil about the Democratic administration. 

An internal FBI document provides convincing evidence that Joe Biden – then the sitting vice president of the United States – along with his son Hunter – extorted $5 million for each of them from an executive of Ukrainian oil company Burisma.  

According to terms of the $10 million bribe outlined in the document, the vice president would quash Burisma’s legal problems by threatening to withhold financial aid to Ukraine if they didn’t fire a senior prosecutor looking into their corruption. 


Even when the document was released to the public on July 20, Biden’s media minders kept their audiences in the dark. No longer journalists, they’re now mere leftwing storytellers, selectively spreading a message intended to deceive when it suits them, and throwing a blanket over any truthful report when it harms the narrative. Their primary mission isn’t to inform the public or to hold the powerful accountable. It’s to ensure that Joe Biden gets reelected.

Joe and Hunter Biden

A document provides potentially damning evidence against President Biden and his son, Hunter. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

The Burisma scandal follows reports of similar bribery/pay-to-play schemes with Russia, Kazakhstan, Romania and even with America’s arch-enemy China, hiding the money in over 20 LLCs that served no purpose other than to confuse potential investigators. 

Between the evening of August 1 and the morning of August 8, ABC, CBS and NBC devoted more than five hours to Donald Trump’s third indictment on morning and evening newscasts as well as their Sunday morning political talk shows, according to an analysis by NewsBusters.  

In contrast, the same programs spent a mere four minutes and 50 seconds on matters related to the Biden family’s many scandals. Putting a number on that lopsided disparity, the old networks spent 68.7 times longer covering Trump’s indictment than anything related to the Biden family’s legal troubles.  

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The Burisma cover-up continues. On August 9, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer released a memo detailing bank transactions that show at least $20 million flowing from Russian and Kazakhstani oligarchs to Hunter and his associates.  

“It appears no real services were provided other than access to the Biden network, including Joe Biden himself,” Comer said in a statement. Some of the same oligarchs dined at Washington, D.C.’s Café Milano with then-Vice President Biden, according to Comer. The evidence suggests a criminal scandal on a scale never seen before in American politics. And yet The Big Three refuse to share a word of it with American public. 

Those who don’t watch or read these leftist propagandists – and there are plenty of reasons not to tune in – might wonder if it matters. The answer is clear. At the height of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, ahead of the 2020 elections, the legacy media refused to cover it or dismissed it as Russian disinformation.  

A post-election poll conducted for the Media Research Center found that 45.1% of swing state Biden voters were unaware of the evidence linking Biden to corrupt financial dealings with China through his son Hunter. And 9.4% of Biden voters said that had they known these facts, they would not have voted for Biden, flipping all six of the swing states he won and giving President Donald Trump 311 electoral votes.  

The bottom line is that the legacy media intentionally kept Americans in the dark, and in doing so, swayed the election to Biden.  

US Representative and Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) speaks during a House Committee on Oversight and Accountability hearing regarding the criminal investigation into the Bidens, on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, on July 19, 2023. (Photo by Brendan SMIALOWSKI / AFP) 

Meanwhile, the Big Three are myopically focused on Trump’s fourth indictment – the timing of which not so coincidentally follows the latest shocking revelation in the Biden influence-peddling scandal. 

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The Big Three’s abject refusal to report on the Biden bribery scandal while providing wall-to-wall coverage of the dubious charges against Trump is not just a betrayal of their viewers; it constitutes election tampering. As such, their behavior is a threat to democracy. 

Last week, an even bigger bombshell. It turns out then-Vice President Joe Biden was using a web of pseudonyms, from Robert Peters to Robin Ware to JRB Ware, while working with his son to place tens of millions of dollars in that web of LLCs. The National Archives revealed that its holdings contain nearly 5,400 emails, electronic records and documents indicating that Biden used aliases while he was vice president. 

Those who don’t watch or read these leftist propagandists – and there are plenty of reasons not to tune in – might wonder if it matters. The answer is clear. At the height of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, ahead of the 2020 elections, the legacy media refused to cover it or dismissed it as Russian disinformation.  

The pattern continues. Not one story in the pro-Biden press. 


It is time for Biden to face an impeachment inquiry to find out whether he used the power of the vice presidency to rake in millions of dollars for his family, Additionally, President of ABC News Kimberly Godwin, CEO and President of CBS News Wendy McMahon, and NBC News President Rebecca Blumenstein should be invited to appear before a congressional committee and be prepared to answer for this behavior. 

The American people deserve to hear the truth. Suppressing the news is not something we should expect outside of totalitarian regimes. 


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