Letter to the editor: Follow the non-dairy money

So milk is racist (“Spilt milk: Why Democrats say only offering cow’s milk in schools is ‘dietary racism,’” Web, Nov. 23). I never saw that one coming. Then again, I am privileged and racist, per the left, because I am a White, heterosexual male. (I was raised in an orphanage, by the way.)

Providing only cows’ milk in schools is racist because African-American and Asian ethnicities see a 75%-95% lactose intolerance rate, while northern Europeans have a lower rate, at 18%- 26%.

Here is a question the press should look into: What connections to soy and/or almond growers do the 30-plus members of Congress who want the federal government to get more non-dairy milk into the schools have? This includes Rep. Troy Carter of Louisiana, mentioned in the article. I have a strong suspicion they are either getting campaign donations from these growers or their families have positions therein. 


Judge Advocate General’s Corps, U.S. Navy (retired)

Alexandria, Virginia

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