Letter to the editor: GOP must return to sanity

Today’s Republican Party is in the process of killing our democracy as it pursues an authoritarian government. Right now, two thirds of Republicans have betrayed our country by believing lies of a stolen election spewed by a dictator and his cohorts. In the past, such tactics were Reserved for third-world countries, but now it’s happening in America.

One might ask, why would anyone choose to live in a repressed society run by a dictator rather than in one governed by the people? The only answer is that America has become a nation of followers. Just as the Germans blindly followed Hitler, Republicans are now blindly following the new GOP, which is bent on dictatorship.

I shudder at what seems to be the inevitable. I have always loved America. Though not perfect, it has always been a beacon of light that gave hope to countries ruled by dictators. Now, it is about to fall to a dictatorship itself. God help us.


Golden Valley, Arizona


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