Today’s Republican Party is in the process of killing our democracy as it pursues an authoritarian government. Right now, two thirds of Republicans have betrayed our country by believing lies of a stolen election spewed by a dictator and his cohorts. In the past, such tactics were Reserved for third-world countries, but now it’s happening in America.

One might ask, why would anyone choose to live in a repressed society run by a dictator rather than in one governed by the people? The only answer is that America has become a nation of followers. Just as the Germans blindly followed Hitler, Republicans are now blindly following the new GOP, which is bent on dictatorship.

I shudder at what seems to be the inevitable. I have always loved America. Though not perfect, it has always been a beacon of light that gave hope to countries ruled by dictators. Now, it is about to fall to a dictatorship itself. God help us.


Golden Valley, Arizona



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