Letter to the editor: Vote to put us back on track

It’s election week, and one of our great values is the freedom to choose our elected officials. During last month’s New York gubernatorial debate, New York Governor Kathy Hochul told opponent Rep. Lee Zeldin that she didn’t understand why locking up criminals “is so important to” him. That sort of obliviousness helps explain why a recent CBS poll indicated that nearly 80% of voters think our country is out of control and that our current public officials are out of touch. 

We are witnessing the high level of senseless violence that comes from progressive politics, so the guilt trip will not work this time. Our elections are the time for us voters to say no. 

What I have witnessed in the past two years is all the reason I need to exercise my power to choose. I never imagined how much effort was being put into switching our children’s educational curriculum to a socialist one. I didn’t anticipate how much more porous the administration would make our borders, or how it would give preferential treatment to illegal immigrants over of struggling citizens. I didn’t guess at the huge number of laws that would be enacted to increase drug users while allowing foreign countries that receive foreign aid access to our ports and borders, all harbors for illegal drug distribution. 

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Amazingly, media pundits and public officials are denying the reality of what is going on. The latter are refusing to take any responsibility for the results of the policies they implemented.  

We now face the opportunity to put this nation back on the course of civility and respect. Our elections can restore safety for senior citizens who live in fear of being attacked when visiting a local grocery store. Voters can remove officials who took the oath to defend our country but refuse to perform their duties because of adherence to an ideology that contradicts our value system.  

Voting is our chance to reestablish accountability for criminal activities in a fair and balanced manner. It is also our chance to stop the harmful school policies that are causing long-term emotional and physical harm to our children.

This election could not come soon enough.


Washington, D.C. 

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