Luggage chaos, suitcase trackers that help you track your trolley

THE suitcase tracker are in danger of becoming sadly popular in this summer turned upside down between the storm of delayed (or canceled) flights and now the baggage chaos. As reported by the news of the last few weeks, the situation of inconveniences in airports has become difficult to sustain: the latest alarm arrives from losses or delays in deliveries of the baggage that is being registered in numerous airports, and which as a cause always have the staff shortages resulting from the downsizing of the companies in time of covid. The result is that those who are preparing to leave for work or for the longed-for holidays, do so now unexpected expectations.

The antidote to anxiety in the summer of baggage chaos

To restore a bit of serenity to travelers, i suitcase trackersmall devices able to connect wirelessly to low energy consumption networks, to the GPS satellite signal or to cellular networks, managing to locate the precise geographic position of the object they are associated with.

Sometimes also called luggage tags, these little gadgets are very useful not only in case of actual loss or theft, but also for reduce anxiety linked to the disappearance of baggage during travel: at every stage of travel, these locators display the position of the baggage in an app to be installed on the phone, allowing you to know almost in real time if your trolley is simply being delivered or is stayed at the departure airport.

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There are two types of suitcase trackers: those with bluetooth connection and those that can rely on cellular networks international. In our selection we have chosen new proposals that range in both categories of suitcase trackers, with various price options and methods of use to meet every possible need.

The AirTag style suitcase trackers

When it comes to pocket tracking devices, it’s very easy to think about them right away AirTag that is the small diskettes marketed by Apple only last year; as is often the case, they were not the first on the market, but in a short time they took on the role of tracker par excellence.

AirTags are part of the trackers that they don’t use a sim card for localization, but rather the connection via bluetooth with low energy consumption (uwb or ultra-wideband) addressed to any other Apple device in the circumstances, obviously respecting their privacy; as we told you on the occasion of our test, this system guarantees almost global coverage thanks to the various iPhones, iPads or Macs all over the world that are able to get in touch with the AirTags that are nearby.

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