In the panorama of apps and software for mobile devices those for editing photos and videos are particularly interesting. In this context, Google also offers interesting solutions, such as Google Photosand but also those of third parties are not to be underestimated.

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Among the best and most well-known third-party video editors we know Luma Fusionthe one produced by LumaTouch and which has made a lot of talk about itself for the success levied on iOS, the platform on which it debuted. Late last year LumaFusion itself arrived in beta on Android.

Now LumaFusion officially arrives in stable version on devices android and on Chromebooks, PCs and notebooks with ChromeOS. The announcement comes from LumaTouch, which also listed all the features available to users who install LumaFusion.

Found all features integrated into LumaFusion for Android and for Chrome OS at the end of this article, just to get an overview.

The stable version of LumaFusion for Android is currently available to download on play store It is on Galaxy Store by Samsung. The price corresponds to €27.99, to have full and unlimited access to all the features of the editor. Below are the download links.

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