Mansory climbs to Olympus: here is his Mercedes-Maybach S-Class

The famous German tuner Mansory, specialized both in mechanical processing and in extra-luxury outfitting of already exclusive cars, has just presented his proposals for the most opulent car of the current German production, the S-Class branded with the Mercedes-Maybach brand which already represents the most high expression of the luxury of the Star. To do this, he thoroughly revisited the equipment and engines of both versions in the price list.


The exterior of the large sedan has been enriched with details in carbon fiber designed to give it a final look that is always sumptuous but with an extra pinch of wickedness. The details range from the front splitter to the side fins. At the rear, a more conspicuous roof spoiler has been applied, coordinated with the one on the trunk and with new side skirts. At the center of the rear, a carbon diffuser could not be missing, with or without a third stop depending on the market.


Both variants S580 and S680, respectively V8 and V12 biturbo, have been enhanced with a Performance PowerBox additional control unit combined with a new 4-tailpipe exhaust. The first gained 97 hp and 120 Nm of torque, reaching i 600 hp total and 820 Nm of torque.

The V12, on the other hand, has seen the power even increase by 108 HP and 100 Nm, for a total of 720 hp and almost 1,000 Nm. Numbers from AMG for the most luxurious sedan, and at this point also among the fastest, there is.

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