Meta has overclocked the Quest 2 headset’s GPU by 7% to ensure a better experience

Through a software update, Meta has beefed up the Quest 2 headset. With a post on your blogthe company has made it known that now the maximum GPU frequency can reach i 525MHz instead of the previous 490 MHz: this is a 7% increase.

All developers can start taking advantage of the new frequency now. No code integration is necessary to take advantage of this improvement: the dynamic clocking system automatically increases the frequency as it detects an app capable of benefiting from it.

However, on the current OS version 47, either the headset must be removed and reinstalled or a sleep cycle (clicking the power button twice) before the additional GPU frequency is granted to the device. Starting with version 49, the computing power will be available immediately and will not require any further steps after turning on the headset.

But what are the advantages? As pointed out by Meta, a more powerful GPU warrants higher pixel densityof the foreground content without substantially reducing the resolution to achieve the target frame rate. It should also be noted that the v47 update only arrived earlier this month, which is why you may need to wait a bit and one more update before receiving the v49 build.

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Finally, Meta spokesman David Gordonhe reassured users on battery life. Meta analyzed the behavior of the viewer with a higher frequency than the GPU, but since the higher consumption is negligible you will not notice any difference in the autonomy of the device.


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