Ministers of the new government, the names in the running

Strong of the electoral success, Brothers of Italy aims to insure i ministries key of the next government, with Giorgia Meloni vying for the presidency of the Council. While it appears that the Lega will be excluded from all ministries related to international relations and that the same leader, Matteo Salvini, will be out of the weight positions. At most he could get a role as deputy premier together with Antonio Tajani, of Forza Italia, but without proxies. Some “technicians” could take the lead of the Farnesina, the Interior Ministry and the Ministry of Economy. Let’s see that names and faces circulate in these hours:

  1. Deputy Prime Minister
  2. The presidency of the chambers
  3. Foreign
  4. Economy and Economic Development
  5. Internal
  6. Defence
  7. European affairs
  8. Infrastructure and Work
  9. Justice
  10. Agricultural policies, schools and health
  11. Reforms, Relations with Parliament, Public Administration
  12. Ecological transition, Culture, Tourism and the South

Deputy Prime Minister

From what we learn from the newspapers, with the now imminent certainty of Giorgia Meloni as first minister, the right-wing coalition seems to want to entrust Matteo Salvini and Antonio Tajani the role of deputy premier.

The presidency of the chambers

It seems that the leadership of a branch of Parliament could be entrusted to the opposition. The Democratic Party could therefore be able to name the presidency of the Chamber, but Lega and Forza Italia do not seem to support this strategy. Therefore the role could be entrusted to the Northern League Giancarlo Giorgettiwhile in the Senate she would be elected president Anna Maria Berniniof Forza Italia.

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He could go up to the Farnesina Elisabetta Bellonicurrent head of the secret services, or alternatively the ambassador and former NATO representative in Afghanistan, Stefano Pontecorvo.

Economy and Economic Development

The economist of the European Central Bank Fabio Panettadreamed of by Meloni, at the head of the Ministry of Economy seems to be unwilling to give in to the courtship of the Brothers of Italy, opening the way to Domenico Siniscalco, former Minister of Economy for the Berlusconi governments. On the other hand, the former president of Confindustria could rise to economic development Antonio d’Amatoor Giancarlo Giorgetti.


Inside, the League would like to see its representative Matteo Piantedosibut the former prefect of Rome is more likely to be chosen Giuseppe Pecoraroin share Brothers of Italy.


At the helm of the Army Building they could go up Adolfo Ursoof Fratelli d’Italia, but also his party colleague Ignazio La Russaformer Minister of Defense under Berlusconi, or Antonio Tajani. Guido Crosetto was also mentioned, who with Meloni co-founded Fratelli d’Italia, an entrepreneur in the defense sector, who however would also be in the running for a role as undersecretary at Palazzo Chigi.

European affairs

In this case the Melonian could be in charge Raffale Denseor the Berlusconian Anna Maria Bernini.

Infrastructure and Work

The League would like to have infrastructure Edoardo Rixi. For the Ministry of Labor, on the other hand, the name of the academician has appeared Luca Ricolfialso listed for Education.

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The name of the former prosecutor circulates for the guide of via Arenula Carlo Nordio, as well as that of the League’s Giulia Bongiorno.

Agricultural policies, schools and health

The name of the former Northern League minister seems to be eligible for agricultural policies Gianmarco Centinaiowho has already occupied the chair, at Education Licia Ronzulli of Forza Italia and the councilor for welfare of Lombardy Letizia Moratti

Reforms, Relations with Parliament, Public Administration

At the Reforms, to wave the banner of presidentialism, it could be indicated Marcello Perawhile the Relations with Parliament (perhaps with a delegation to implement the program) could go to the Brothers of Italy, with Meloni’s brother-in-law Francesco Lollobrigida or the party organization manager Giovanni Donzelli. On the other hand, the League is listed on the Public Administration Giulia Bongiorno.

Ecological transition, Culture, Tourism and the South

The Ecological Transition could also be assigned to the League, under the name of Vannia Gavaalready undersecretary of the same ministry today, Culture would be assigned to Giampaolo Rossiformer member of the board of directors of Rai, the Tourism for the force Daniela Santanché and, finally, the ministry of the South and of Territorial Cohesion would go to the Melonian Edmondo Cirielli.


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