Netflix, the plan with advertising Americans don’t like

Netflix with advertising don’t like it, at least the American users: reports it Wall Street Journal based on the data provided by the analysis company Antennaaccording to which only 9% of new customers would have chosen this type of subscription. The company had therefore been too optimistic, predicting 40 million new spectators by 2023, however a subsequent survey had dampened the enthusiasm by highlighting a certain skepticism about the proposal which then officially arrived on the market last November.

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And so the ad-supported video streaming platform plan has turned out to be the least popular overseas so far: 57% of those who have chosen it are former or new subscribers, 43% are subscribers who have downgraded from more expensive plans. These are not particularly positive data for Netflix, whose intent was to essentially capture users who are approaching the service for the first time: in other words, Netflix with advertising aims to increase the base of active users, certainly not to convince existing subscribers to spend less. According to the data, the number of new subscribers at the end of November would be even lower than that recorded in October.

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Better than Netflix did HBO Max, whose ad-supported streaming service was picked up in the first month of its debut from 15% of new subscribers. Not only that: whoever switched from a more expensive plan to the new one represents only 14% of new subscribers. Netflix itself, however, considers the data provided by Antenna not entirely accuratestating that “the ad-supported plan is still in its infancy” and that the novelty has been positively received by everyone, advertisers included.

It is true that Antenna does not have the official data: those in its possession are collected through interviews and surveys, and it is by no means certain that they are fully representative of what is actually happening on the US market. The company led by Ted Sarandos and Reed Hastings however, continue to focus on the subscription with advertising: In early December it was announced that they would be launched soon diversified proposalsalways with advertising, to meet the needs of the public.

The growth of the subscriber base (limited until now) and higher revenues from advertisers are too important for Netflix to be able to abandon this unprecedented offer at the moment. This can also be seen from the competition, now aligned in this sense.

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