Nintendo confirms it: it will not be present at E3 2023

The rumors that emerged in January are starting to take shape and E3 2023 could really see among the absent the most important names in the gaming industry. In January it was IGN who anticipated that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will not take part in the event, while today is The Verge to bring back one communication official that the magazine had with the Kyoto house, from which comes the confirmation: Nintendo will not participate in E3 2023.

The company also explained the reasons behind this choice, such as the fact that its participation in industry events is evaluated on a case-by-case basis and E3 2023 doesn’t seem to fit well with his plans. Nintendo does not rule out taking part in future editions, however declaring itself a great supporter of the fair and its organizing body.

The comment of ReedPopthe company responsible for E3 this year, which confirmed Nintendo’s absence through the words of its president Lance Festerman, who also added that he felt galvanized by theinterest shown by the sector towards the new edition of E3. In the coming weeks, Festerman added, there will also be more details on the other exhibitors present at the fair.

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Festerman’s enthusiasm is probably also due to the confirmation of Ubisoft’s participation in the event, which in recent days had released unclear statements on the matter, and we hope that it will not be dampened by the increasingly fierce competition represented by the Summer Game Fest by Geoff Keighley, which will take place just a few days before the opening event of E3. Now it remains to be seen whether Microsoft and Sony will take part in the eventbut considering that the last is now missing from the 2019 edition and the first could have an event scheduled for June, IGN’s statements are likely to be confirmed also in this case.


In short, it is increasingly clear that the big companies in the sector they are no longer willing to participate at all costs in a media event of the caliber of E3, especially if the stage doesn’t lend itself well to year-round announcement planning. In the past, efforts would undoubtedly have been made to find a way to bring together all the most important innovations in the Los Angeles fair, but the sector has changed a lot in recent years and it is increasingly evident how events alone are preferred over moments of choral aggregation.

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On the other hand, the latter tend to quickly disperse media attention and they impose very specific schedules and timings which, on the other hand, can be better controlled within an event organized in person. Unfortunately this means that the future of events such as E3 is increasingly uncertain, but at the same time gamers will have more opportunities to get in touch with the latest industry news through events scattered throughout the year.

Will ReedPop be able to make the Los Angeles showcase attractive again? It’s probably too late for a trend reversal, but we hope that the 2023 edition will show a new way capable of reviving the fortunes of one of the most awaited summer appointments by players.

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