Nostalgia operation: motorists ask for manual gearbox on evs, but Honda doesn’t fit

In electric motors, unlike thermal ones, there is no gear change system, as unnecessary, and this feature does not seem to be appreciated by everyone; some motorists have contacted Toyota asking to mount a gear change on his electric cars to make driving more engaging e the Japanese House has agreed.


On the other hand, Honda has a different opinion, to which the same request was submitted. As reported by the American motorist magazine Car and DriverHonda’s head of electrification Shinji Aoyama, answering a question about a possible shifting system in electric vehicles, said that “artificially, we can do it. Mechanically it is not easy”. Therefore, according to Honda, it would not be possible to replicate an authentic gear shifting systemlike the one found on traditional cars, at best it would be a simulator “as an extension of active sound control,” Aoyama explained.


Toyota, for its part, claims to have patented its own system with clutch, shift lever and actual ratios that the driver is able to handle exactly as he would in a diesel car; according to the manufacturer, these car models could be driven both with and without gearboxes.

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In fact, a first experimentation in this sense can be traced back to the concept GR HV of 2017 (a hybrid reinterpretation GT86 sports car with automatic transmission), where there was an H gearbox that could be enabled at the push of a button, instead of the clutch pedal.



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