Nothing is missing from the OnePlus Pad: here is the keyboard and pen

Over the last decade we have seen OnePlus take several important steps, starting with smartphone market up to the sector of smart watches. The Chinese company is ready for a new jump.

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In recent days we have learned the first details on OnePlus Pad, the first Tablet of the company’s history. The rumors that emerged on the net have traced an overview of the design and some of the key technical specifications. Today we learn more details on accessories officers.

The video which you find at this address in fact, it shows how OnePlus Pad will support the quill and the keyboard dedicated. As for the keyboard, don’t expect one Magic Keyboard in OnePlus sauce. From the video we understand that it will be a keyboard enough simpleeven if equipped with trackpads.

The pen instead will support freehand writing on the display, which is useful in the case of devices with generous diagonals, such as the display 11.6″ LCD which we should see on the OnePlus Pad.

It will be seen if the pen packaged by OnePlus will offer exclusive features as we see for i Galaxy Tab S by Samsung.

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If you want to know more about the others Technical specifications expectations, we suggest you read our article in which we talk about them in detail.

We remind you that the date The official launch date for the OnePlus Pad has been scheduled for tomorrow February 7th. This will concern the market Indian. Relative to the European market we still don’t know OnePlus’ plans, we will come back to update you as soon as we know more.

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