Obviously someone has already put a Pixel Tablet on sale!

We know it by now, the employees Google they have one chronic tendency to lose the prototypes of the company. We had already had a taste of it after a prototype of Nexus 4 it had been lost in a bar in San Francisco before launch, and the recent Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch have only confirmed the trend.

Could the expected Pixel Tablet escape this rule? Of course not, and here’s a prototype, complete with his speakers/docking stationsappeared for sale on the Facebook marketplaces.

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The announcement, discovered by ShrimpApplePro and shared on Twitter, show the device from different angles and a couple of screenshots of the interface and from the shots it looks indistinguishable from the images circulated by Google thus far, so it is likely it is an original (we advise against the purchase anyway).

In one, we can admire the home screen of the Pixel Launcherwith the Pixel 7 wallpaper showing close-up shots of feathers.

The tablet has just been configured and displays the widget welcome message At a Glance at the top and bottom the app dock with the icons arranged by default, i.e. with the search bar, Gmail, Chrome, YouTube, Photos and suggestions with the Play Store and Messages.

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On the Home, however, we can see the icons of CameraOf Maps he was born in play store.

The other screen (image below) instead shows a page of Settings divided in two, as provided by the latest news from Google for large screens. From here we can see that the model on sale has 256GB of memory and the estimated battery life is just under 16 hours at 70%.

This Pixel Tablets it is in a dark gray color, with generous black frames. Google claimed a few months ago that the tablet has a nano ceramic coating which mimics the texture of porcelain, and will be available in a wide range of colours.

In another shot, we can see the back of the device connected to docking stationswhich allows us to appreciate the USB-C port on the left edge, probably flanked by the speaker grilles.

The price? Really, suspiciously, cheap, since it’s for sale at only $400also complete with charger.

The ad does not disclose the hardware specificationsbut we know the Pixel Tablet should be equipped with SoC Tensorscreen from 10.95 inchesuntil 256GB of storage space and two sensors 8MP Sony IMX355. Google plans to launch the tablet in early 2023, and like the Pixel 7 we expect more details to be released before the announcement.

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