On Nov. 8, there will be two Americas on the ballot

There will be two radically different versions of America on the ballot this year. By their choices, voters will tell us the America in which they want to live.

One is an America that’s energy independent. In the other, we’re at the mercy of unstable regimes to keep our cars on the road, our factories operating and our lights on.

One is an America that believes the answer to the energy crisis is drilling and digging. The other wants us to shiver in the dark and walk to work for its green agenda.

One is an America where immigration laws are enforced, because — as President Ronald Reagan told us — you can’t have a country without borders. The other is an America where there’s a continuous flow of illegal immigrants over our southern border, including criminals, terrorists, trafficked women and children, as well as deadly drugs. In fiscal 2022, 2.4 million people were stopped at the border; most were not sent home, but processed and released into the interior. Since they can’t persuade voters to keep them in power, Democrats are importing a new electorate.

One America is a nation under God, as the Founding Fathers intended. The other is one where government views religion as a toxic substance. As a candidate in 2020, President Biden couldn’t even bring himself to quote the Declaration of Independence correctly (“endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights”), and instead mumbled something about, “All men and women are created by the, you know, the thing.” As the Pledge of Allegiance says, “One nation under, you know, the thing.”

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One is an America that doesn’t accommodate delusions about women in men’s bodies, letting boys use girls’ rooms or punishing those who use the wrong pronoun. The other wants Medicaid to pay to have children’s bodies chemically or surgically altered to resemble the opposite sex. One America believes in biology, and the other believes in fantasy.

One is a nation where innocent life is protected. The other is one in which a fully formed child can be killed just moments away from birth. The Democratic-backed Women’s Health Protection Act of 2022 would create a federal right to abortion on demand.

One is an America where the military understands that its duty is to defend the nation. The other thinks its primary mission is social engineering, which it pursues through Pride Month celebrations and critical race theory indoctrination. If we ever go to war with the Slippery Rock College LGBTQ club, we’ll be in great shape.

One is an America where the goal is fairness. The other is one where White children are taught to hate themselves and colleges fight to preserve racial preferences.

One is an America that believes that spending has consequences. The other thinks the best way to fight inflation (currently at 8%), created by trillion-dollar spending, is with more trillion-dollar spending.

One is an America where students go to college to learn. The other is one where undergraduates major in rioting and censoring opposing views, and take courses that might qualify them for a job at Walmart after graduation.

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One is an America where government understands that its first responsibility is protecting the innocent. The other is one where commuters are pushed in front of subway trains and prosecutors would rather see bodies piling up in the streets than hardened criminals sitting in prison awaiting trial, and where we have the highest murder rate in 25 years.

One is an America where the homeless are cared for, not coddled. The other is one where homeless encampments dot the urban landscape, serving as a breeding ground for crime, disease and addiction — where allowing vagrants to defecate in the streets is considered the height of compassion.

One is an America where patriotism is a virtue. The other is one where actors and athletes line up to express their contempt for America — which is cool until they land in a Russian prison.

This election is about conflicting worldviews. One side is guided by the Constitution, free market economics and the Judeo-Christian ethic, the other by socialism, cultural Marxism and neo-paganism.

This election will help to decide the course we will travel: The road to recovery or a highway to perdition. The latter has Democrats as cheerleaders — former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama — standing on the sidelines telling us that spiraling crime, inflation and illegal immigration are just Republican talking points.

• Don Feder is a columnist with The Washington Times.

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