OnePlus 11 and its camera without veils

We have known OnePlus for several years now for its strong commitment in the sector of smartphone marketstarted with the top of the Android range and then extended to the mid-range segment.

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After seeing the top of the range of 2022, namely OnePlus 10 Pro, and the subsequent T series, we are ready to launch OnePlus 11. We have already known the new OnePlus flagship in terms of design and technical specifications thanks to the leaks that have emerged over the last few weeks.

More details about the device have emerged in the last few hours, thanks to the first teaser shared online. It is a short video of about 15 seconds in which we see OnePlus 11 very closely. The focus is all on the photographic sectorwith the circular form which will characterize OnePlus 11.

From the video just shared we see the clear reference to Hasselbladthe partner who helped develop the photographic sector of OnePlus 11, exactly as was the case for the previous top of the range from OnePlus.

In addition to the teaser just shared, new information has also emerged about the presumed launch date of the device. OnePlus had in fact set an event for the next one February 7 in India named OnePlus Cloud 11 Launch Event. We expect that the top of the range for the Indian market will be presented here, and that it will be launched for the market later European.

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