OPPO shows at Milan Fashion Week 2023 with Find N2 Flip

The Chinese giant OPPO makes a big comeback Milan Fashion Week 2023one of the most anticipated international events on the fashion scene, thanks to the new collaboration with ACT N1one of the most renowned brands and already supported by the Maison Valentino.

With OPPO Find N2 Flip, the company’s goal is to create a perfect marriage between fashion and technology, just like it does with the design of its devices. Fashion Week thus becomes the perfect setting to demonstrate how technology is not only creativity in itself, but increasingly a fundamental part of the creative process.

Fashion expressing a style. Today fashion must open up to different collaborations to create synergies and storytelling. This collaboration is about the balance between innovation and elegance, free creativity and functionality, interiority and aesthetics, power and lightness. he claims Luca Lin, Cofounder of ACT N1.

The lightweight yet premium materials of the smartphone intertwine with the transparency of handmade tulle which, in addition to being the iconic and recurring material of the fashion brand, allows you to see the smartphone cover and its innovative vertical screen, further embellishing its design.

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The technological excellence achieved with the new Find N2 Flip consolidates an important growth path in the top of the range category, allowing us to enter the flip market. Following the consolidation of the co-branding partnerships, the collaboration with ACT N1 wants to be the first act of a show that allows us to continue to preside over and strengthen our positioning also in the world of fashion. Having the opportunity to support the new generations of young talents enriches our history and expands the search for new areas of expansion. he claims Billy Zhang, President of Overseas Sales and Services, OPPO.

Style elegant and refined of OPPO Find N2 Flip, the delicate design of the camera and the body of the device are just some of the features that are highlighted by the craftsmanship of ACT N1. Just like the new OPPO Find N2 Flip, the ruffle bag aims to be practical and functionalwithout forgetting style and originality.


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