Pixel Buds Pro are out: here is the original coral color!

The new ones have come into our hands today Pixel Buds Pro coral color (the most beautiful of the 4 – Ed.), the TWS earphones most “professional” ever created by Google and just launched in Italy a € 219 (except promotions, even if at the moment only Amazon offers a slight discount on the green variant).

Unfortunately, the too little time spent with them has not given us the opportunity to publish a full review, but we are at least able to give you some first impressions, to show them to you and to reveal something about their functioning.

Pixel Buds Pro are comfortable. Despite their size, fit better than Pixel Buds-A, and the weight is only slightly different. Pixel Buds Pro weigh 12 gramsagainst the 10 grams of the Buds-A: 6 grams for each earphone, against 5 grams; impossible to notice the difference. The case is a little heavier (49 versus 42 grams), but even in this case it is very little stuff, and after all it is also a little bit wider so that was to be expected. (The “click” when closing is always an addictive sound.)

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The ANC works well. With the classic dull and constant noises, like that of an air conditioner at full capacity, the ANC of the Pixel Buds Pro is fantastic: the noise is completely zero, without altering the music being listened to. There is also the transparency modewhich broaden the ambient sounds without exaggerating, and it is obviously possible to disable the ANC altogether.

THE check via gestures are more numerous than on previous Pixel Buds, and seem to respond very well to commands.

Still too early to give an opinion onautonomywhich should be one of the strengths of the earphones, with 7 hours of listening in ANC and 11 with cancellation off.

The Pixel Buds Pro management app, integrated into the operating system for Pixel smartphones, has the same appearance as seen previously, with a few more features.

First of all there is the possibility of check and adapt the insulation provided by the Pixel Buds Pro, so that active noise cancellation is optimal. This is a very important function, the operation of which we reserve the right to analyze calmly.

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Then there is the customization of the touch controls, in which we very much appreciated the possibility of being able to give separate gestures to the two earphonesfor example by associating the ANC control to the right one, and the call of the Google Assistant to the left (or vice versa).

Another important step forward: the multipoint connectivity (to 2 devices), with the possibility automatic device change (for example following an incoming phone call. A great feature for those who work with nearby PCs and smartphones.

Last note relating tounboxing of the Pixel Buds Pro (which you can also see in the gallery below): in the package, in addition to earphones and case, there are also 2 pairs of rubber pads in addition (small and large) and the classic manuals. In short, nothing new compared to the past.

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the space of commentswe will reply in the review coming soon.

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